Massage Therapy & Body Wraps

Where serenity and nourishment come together to ignite your Zen within! Our highly-experienced team of bodyworkers and energy healers partner with you to ease the discomfort and pain throughout your body, release energetic blockages and calm your racing mind through a CBD massage. We take a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means we listen, respond and support your goals toward inner peace and balance. Our Flourish AVEDA Wellness spa experiences include an array of nourishing CBD treatments. We aim to tantalize you with soothing AVEDA aromatherapy, hot towels, Zen music, Himalayan sea salt stones, Reiki bodywork and CBD massages to target chronic pain and inflammation as well as stress and anxiety.

Relax with the best CBD massage therapists in the Denver area. CBD massage packages are available. Please contact us today for pricing and ask about current specials. Prices include 60-minute and 90-minute CBD massage options, unless otherwise noted.

Body wrap treatments are beneficial for fat burning, cellulite reducing, detoxifying and moisturizing the body.

All treatments are deeply relaxing to the body, soul and mind.

Please note that all prices are subject to change.

Massage Therapy

Massages include: aromatherapy and steamed towels. Prenatal, Swedish and Firm Pressure are available. Deep tissue, hot stone and reflexology upgrades are also available. Now also offering CBD massages as an upgrade!

60-minute Massage – **$95 (Members – $70)

Swedish, Mid-compression, Prenatal

90-minute Massage – **$130 (Members – $95)

Swedish, Mid-compression, Prenatal

60-minute ​CBD Massage – **$115 (Members – $90)

Choice of CBD-infused lotion, oil or butter

90-minute CBD Massage  – **$140 (Members – $115)

Choice of CBD-infused lotion, oil or butter

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  • Cranial Sacral Therapy  – **​$95 (Members – $70)

Addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum to release compression and alleviate stress as well as pain.

  • Hand & Foot Reflexology – **$95  (Members – $70)

Reflexology provides relief from several common ailments, including chronic pain and sports injuries. Experience reflexology and enjoy a more comfortable life and better game.

  • Lymphatic Drainage – **$110 (Members – $95)

Gently removes toxins by clearing out the lymphatic system. It’s great for fatigue, pain and inflammation.


Deep Tissue – **$20
CBD Lotion, Oil or Butter – **$25 (Members – $20)
Acupressure -**$15
Earthing Mat-**$20 (Members – $15)
Sports/Injury -**$25
Trigger Points -**$15
Hot Stone – **$15-$30

Gua Sha -**$20
Cupping -**$25
Nuromusculer -**$20
Hand Reflexology -**$10
Foot Reflexology -**$15
Foot Scrub -**$10
CBD Foot Scrub -**$20 (Members – $15)
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment -**$10
CBD Scalp Massage -**$20 (Members – $15)
Cranial Sutrure Massage -**$20

Himalayan Salt Stones – Back Only – ** $15 Full Body – ** $30
Great for aches and pains or clearing any toxins in the body. Salt Stones offer overall wellness for the body.

Lomi Lomi – **$15
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a traditional healing practice dating back 5,000 years. Lomi is as beautiful to perform as it is to watch and ultimately experience. Intuitively based, this bodywork allows the healer to create an individualize his or her massage session. Lomi is performed with the primary use of the forearms along with unique palm and thumb strokes. It is a graceful, rhythmically flowing modality.

Elemental Packages

All Spa Packages include: aromatherapy, Aveda comforting tea & Oranges.

Fire **$130 (Members $95)

Hot stone massage with a choice of hot oil scalp treatment or organic foot scrub. *Upgrade for a shampoo and blow dry for $20-25 more!

Water **$130 (Members $95)

Customized facial and hot oil scalp treatment. *Upgrade for a shampoo and blow dry for $20-25 more!

Earth **$130 (Members $95)

Full-body massage and choice of hot oil scalp treatment or organic foot scrub. *Upgrade for a shampoo and blow dry for $20 or more depending on hair length.​​​

Wood **130 (Members $95)

70 min Reiki & Chakra Balancing Treatment

A Day At The Spa

All Spa Packages include: aromatherapy, Aveda comforting tea & Oranges.

Fully Flourish **$215 (Members $165)

Lotus seasonal facial, an hour massage of your choice and pedicure or blowout. *Upgrade for a shampoo and blowdry for $15-25 more​!

Gentleman’s Spa Experience **$215 (Member $165)

On-hour massage, one-hour facial and pedicure (haircuts and beard trims available)

Mommy-to-Be Package **$215 (Members $165)

One-hour facial, one-hour prenatal massage and a pedicure (13-32 week gestation period only) *Upgrade for a shampoo and blowdry for $15-25 more!

For Two

All Spa Packages include: aromatherapy, Aveda comforting tea & Oranges.

​Couples Massage 1Hr **$155 (Members $135)

Oranges and your choice of beverage.

​Couples Massage 1.5Hrs **$255 (Members $185)

Oranges and your choice of beverage.

New Birthday Club!

The month of your birthday, take your age and get that dollar amount off any of the Flourish Elemental Spa Packages (Fire-Water-Earth). Example: If you turned 25, you get $25 off! (Not valid with any other discounts or membership pricing.)

Members, Groupon users, and Living Social need to call to book no exceptions.

Prices are subject to change and refunds are not available, but may be traded for other services. Contact us today for more!