Healing Power of Hemp 

Featured Partner of Flourish AVEDA Wellness

Healing Power of Hemp’s all-natural topicals and supplements infused with essential oils and infused with Colorado-grown CBD

Plant-based Power for Mind, Body and Soul

Take your health and wellness back into your hands with our high-milligram hemp-derived CBD products at our CBD spa and salon right here in the Denver area. For centuries and across cultures, hemp has been recognized as a source of holistic health and wellness. Healing Power of Hemp infuses the wisdom of ancient knowledge with the dynamic needs of modern-day living to support your journey toward inner-peace and balance.

Our CBD spa and salon invites you to ignite your Zen with our plant-based power for mind, body and soul.

Healing Power of Hemp’s mission is to provide natural, safe and effective products that promote holistic health and wellness. We’re a CBD spa and salon owned and grown by women that strive to promote sustainability and equality. Shop our line of CBD products such as our capsules, tinctures, oils, lotions and more!

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